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Sea The Truth: is it the end of the line for the oceans

What’s going on in our seas and is there an alternative? Have we had our fish n chips?

Almost 72% of our earth´s surface is ocean. In fact, there is only ONE ocean, and this ocean is in peril.

Overfishing, the incredible level of bycatch, pollution and acidification are the biggest threats to the ocean. Every year, about 110 million tons of fish are removed from their habitat. About one third is turned into feed for farmed fish, pigs and chickens. Bycatch and discards are estimated to amount to approximately 45 million tons annually.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, we have developed about 125,000 new chemical substances of which 85,000 have entered the ocean and have been ingested or absorbed by marine animals. In less than 250 years we have made fish and other marine animals the most toxic food on earth.

Our CO2 production is causing the ocean to acidify. As calcium dissolves in acidic environments, this acidification is having a tremendous impact on all marine animals that contain calcium. Scientists predict that by around 2040, all our coral reefs will be dead and that plankton with calcium skeletons will be in serious trouble. Many species of phytoplankton contain calcium too and it is this phytoplankton that is the world´s most important producer of oxygen (50-70% of all oxygen is produced in the ocean).

Every year, 2.5-3 trillion marine animals die a terrible death. Very few people realise that fish are sentient beings and that they can suffer pain, fear and stress, almost the way dogs, cats and people do.

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